Closing the gaps between food and supplements



Needed is a new line of neutral-tasting, powdered supplements that fill in the gaps in your diet.

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You are needed in our beta group.

Our neutral-tasting powdered supplements pick up where your food leaves off, delivering well-absorbed nutrients that you and your family will actually enjoy taking. Think an omega-3 that isn’t fishy, isn’t a pill, and that blends easily into your morning smoothie.

Our first products are a vegan omega-3 (DHA-EPA) for adults and children, and a prenatal vitamin.

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Omega-3 that isn't fishy 


isn't a pill is needed.

Vegan Omega-3 (DHA+EPA) 


Children's Omega-3 that hides 

in foods they seek is needed. 

Children's Vegan Omega-3 (DHA+EPA)

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Starting healthy habits before they're born is needed.

Prenatal Multi-Vitamin + Vegan Omega-3 (DHA+EPA)

What customers are saying

My kids and I loved it! I sprinkled it on our “healthy” pancakes. I’m excited for the product.
— Christina, primary care physician & mom of 2
My son and I tried it and it was fantastic! No taste whatsoever. I look forward to using your product regularly!
— Stephanie, nutritionist, son has ADHD
I put the Omega-3 supplement in a smoothie, and it was totally undetectable in consistency and taste! There was no aftertaste or digestive issues. Whenever I take Omega pills, even though the fish oil isn’t present when taking them, I basically burp up “fish smell” for hours afterwards. Gross.
— Sarah, SF-based mom
It was awesome! We couldn’t taste it in our smoothies!
— Kath, blogger at Kath Eats Real Food, registered dietician, mom
I added one to Quinn’s smoothie, and he definitely didn’t notice! :)
— Tina, entrepreneur & blogger at Carrots n' Cake, mom
I thought it was great! I just threw it in my smoothie!
— Gina, blogger at The Fitnessista, personal trainer, and mom of 2